A Little Light

Shine.  It's been my lifesong condensed into one word. The next step, no matter what jungle I'm in. My simple morning prayer, my right-foot-forward chant of blessing as I step through the doorway into life. Help me shine. For You. For them.  Ever since my dad directed me to the passage, I've loved Philippians 2:15b … Continue reading A Little Light


Wanted: Dreamers

When I first read this post by the Rebelution Editorial Team, about Skye Peterson's beautiful first album, "Tell Me Again", I pretty much screamed in excitement. Just not too loud, so my family wouldn't hear me geeking out. The Rebelution has sparked so many ambitious teens with amazing potential to take hold of their talents and use … Continue reading Wanted: Dreamers

The Peak – What to Do When You’re on a Mountaintop

In his genius book, Screwtape Letters, C. S. Lewis reveals a fact of life: something he titled, "The Law of Undulation". (For the rest of us, that refers to the natural peaks and trials we're bound and determined, by our human heritage, to go through.) As you probably agree, the valleys are hard. More than hard. They're bone-breaking, … Continue reading The Peak – What to Do When You’re on a Mountaintop